Kamicon 2024

Welcome to VR ZONE

Thanks for being part of Kamicon 2024! We had a blast as we returned for another epic year of VR gaming!


674 players
669 sessions
27.5% new to VR

454 gameplay hours
Cookout (192 hours)
Brazen Blaze (70 hours)
Fruit Ninja (34 hours)

Brazen Blaze!

Defy The Rules, Unchain Yourself! Play Brazen Blaze both online and in person. Created by Japanese developers out of Tokyo; get ready to shoot and punch in this exciting 3v3 VR close quarter melee combat title that is in open beta!

The only in-person Brazen Blaze VR LAN this weekend! Play and get a chance to win a Meta Quest 3 or some Steam/Meta gift cards!

How it works

We curate our games list, advise new users and walk through each play session with a helping hand. We operate as a first come first serve model. Book your game session at the check in desk.



Fill out the wavier at our check-in desk.


Check In

Select available titles and game session.


Enjoy VR

Play your game!

VR Zone Waiver

Fill out the waiver form either at our kiosk station or with the link below. Do it once for the whole weekend and keep coming back for more.

  • Have Kamicon Badge
  • 10 years old to play
  • Guardian must be present at time of minor check In

Tournament Signup

Join for fun and compete for prizes! Noob and VR Vets alike, it will be a great time to enter.

  • Blaston
  • Walkabout Minigolf
  • Synthriders

VR Zone Hours
Friday: 1pm – 11pm
Saturday: 11am – 11pm
Sunday: 11am – 5pm


Programing guide of the cool content and times we are presenting.
No Live streaming due to limited internet
12pmCookout VR Cookoff #2
Join the VR Zone staff as some of our staffers will showoff their cooking skills and maybe make a sandwich. Our second series of three.
3pmBrazen Blaze Showcase
Be part of the public Open Beta Testing on stage in this exciting 3v3 smack & shoot VR action game made by MyDearest straight out of Tokyo, Japan!
5pmWalkabout Minigolf Tournament
Join VR Zone to compete in a grand VR mini-golf tournament with and against your friends! See who can put a ball in a hole the best in the virtual world!
9pmBlaston VR tournament
Join our 1v1 Bracketed VR duelist shooter tournament. See who can dodge bullets the best.
No Live streaming due to limited internet
No Live streaming due to limited internet

Walkabout Minigolf Tournament

Blaston VR Tournament

  • The Blaston KamiCon Cup 2024 is a knockout Blaston tournament. Competitors play best of 3 matches, with only winners progressing to the next round. The winning player brings home the bananas and gets a chance to beat Dr. Oolong and win 50$!
    • Players will use the following loadout:
      • Raptor
      • Luma
      • Viper
      • Hammer
      • Wildcat
      • Nova

Rhythm Tournament

  • This tournament is a tournament score-based event that will use Synthriders!
  • Sunday at 3pm in 3 rounds.
    • Round 1: 1 song, bottom average elimination
    • Round 2: 1 song, bottom average elimination
    • Round 3: Final showdown between our top 3 players! Top average takes the bananas!

Change Logs

2/11/2024 2:13 pm: Cancelled Rhythm Tournament
2/10/2024 7:34 pm: Updated Page & tournament schedule
2/10/2024 3:54 pm: Added Assassin’s Creed VR
2/10/2024 3:24 pm: Cancelled Walkabout Minigolf Tournament
2/2/2024 3:06 am: Updated Page