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VR Villa

It takes a village

Our VR community is built from the ground up from VR enthusiasts from all sides; players, developers, industry and professionals. We want it to be as accessible to everyone to try and have fun! No headset or experience required.

VR Villa provides the unique virtual reality and augment reality gaming experiences using modern equipment and the organization to pull off a massive collaboration effort between events, gamers and industry from all corners of the world. Our goal is to educate, advocate and promote VR/AR content to the general public and inspire those to try as well as share our quest from one gamer to another.

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Virtual Army

We feature standalone Quest 2’s and Quest 3’s, but also incorporate PCVR at select shows. Utilizing BoboVR head straps with hot swappable batteries; it allows to keep them powered indefinitely.


Our unique partnerships with dozens of VR studios from around the world including Resolution Games, Schell Games, Ubisoft, Mighty Coconut and many more allows us to offer play sessions at zero cost to players.


Started as 2 Bros and a Byte between Jeff and Fu to bring VR gaming to events back in 2018 with GalaxyCon and Playthrough Gaming in Raleigh, NC. VR Zone was established in 2019 at MAGFest. Starting in 2022, we have expanded and replicated to over 30 events each year.

Join the thousands of players experiencing Virtual Reality

Don’t just demo, truly experience and play VR games with no strings attached. See what the latest VR industry has to offer to immerse yourself in unique worlds and share with friends.




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Logo & Branding

VR Villa is the overarching branding that includes VR Zone as the Free To Play VR game room within the entity. Use of logo and photos provided are to be used to promote VR Villa, VR Zone and VR industry efforts.