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We pride ourselves in being able to share our passion, love and joy for what VR and AR is all about. Playing games in such a unique way that it transcend the human gaming experience. No matter the age or gaming background.

“As a VR enthusiast myself, seeing people’s reactions after trying VR for the first time and seeing them come back for more is truly inspiring. For any developer looking to expand their audience, Jeff is your answer.”

Dr. Oolong

Orlando, FL

“I love when we do events and they have VR Zone set up, my crew can take a break and have some fun! They’re always on the cutting edge for new games that I can look to find on my personal VR!”


Omaha, NE

“VR Zone makes trying VR so easy and is always great fun!”


Greensboro, NC

“I got to try my first mixed reality game at Jeff’s VR Zone, and it was one of the coolest things I’ve experienced in a while! Looking forward to next time!”


Concord, NC

“Was such an awesome experience to try AR and VR games on such a scale and in a public place! this booth is the only one I know like it!”


Raleigh, NC

“Jeff from VR Village was great! He patiently walked me through all the controls and made my first VR multiplayer experience so much fun!”


Raleigh, NC

“I’ve never played VR before until I met Jeff at a convention in 2019! Love the direction he’s going. Highly recommend the experience!”


New York, NY

“I’ve played VR games for a while, but they had games I never heard of before!”


Raleigh, NC

“VR gaming was so fun – I loved going up against my friends!”


Austin, TX